Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor Review

The Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor puts your mind at ease by detecting even the slightest movements of your baby with its sensor pad. This Angelcare baby monitor’s parent unit is rechargeable and is equipped with an alarm which beeps after 20 seconds when it doesn’t detect any movement. With the combination of 2 frequencies and 8 channels, you can be assured of its sound quality with minimal interference.

The Angelcare’s parent unit has a full-colour digital LCD screen which clearly displays every function of the device including the temperature in the baby’s room. The nursery unit has a night light that prevents the baby from being disturbed whilst sleeping.

With out-of-reach and low battery alarm indicators and vibrating alert feature, this device ensures continuous monitoring. Angelcare AC401 baby monitor includes Parent unit, Nursery unit, Sensor Pad, instructions, 2 x AC adapter and 4 pieces of AAA rechargeable batteries.

Important: All Angelcare baby monitors in the UK/Ireland are specific models designed for the UK/Ireland and should not be exported or used in other countries. If exported outside of the UK/Ireland the UK warranty becomes invalid.

Let’s Look at Features of the Angelcare AC401

  • 2-in-1 baby monitor gives optimal peace of mind
  • Portable and rechargeable parent unit with full colour digital LCD display which has baby’s room temperature indicator
  • Including Sensor Pad which detects even the slightest movements.
  • An alarm will sound if no movement is detected for 20 seconds
  • 8 channels and 2 frequencies for optimal sound quality and no interference
  • Various (alarm) functions: Out of Range, Vibrating, Temperature Control, Mute, Hold, Paging, Night light
  • Angelcare AC401 Weight: 798 g


Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor Reviews

The online reviews for Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Sensor Pad and Sound Monitor are mostly positive. The users who were impressed with it said that the device is nice and slick with a good user interface and shows the room temperature.

It is also very clever by only playing audio when it detects baby crying. If the baby stops crying it will leave the audio channel open for a minute afterwards. You can also set alerts for if the temperature drops below or goes above a certain point.

Angelcare AC401 Baby MonitorThe sound quality on this Angelcare baby monitor is superb with zero interference and this has so many great features over and above the movement sensor such as temperature alarm, also the choice of sound activated monitoring or continuous.

The night light is lovely also, just enough to see your child without disturbing her by putting extra lights on. The sensor mat gives excellent peace of mind as all you need to do is check that the pendulum is swinging or if the green light is flashing.

A small number of users was not perfectly happy with it though and commented that the visual indication of movement detection on the parent unit is a swinging pendulum, and given that the screen is an illuminated LCD type, you can’t see this clearly unless you look very closely at the screen.

With Angelcare monitor’s high average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, it obviously delivers what users expect from it. There are some features that few users wished could have been better but the overall performance of this product outweighed those minor issues. This Angelcare baby monitor gets our high recommendation as a great buy.

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